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ECO Dry Cleaners Middlesbrough & Sedgefield

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Our Eco dry cleaning offers excellent results without harming the environment.


We use Green Earth® and lagoon® systems, both clean without using harmful solvents and having two different systems, means that we can use the one most appropriate for your item. Being the only Green dry cleaners in Middlesbrough has been a major factor in our success.

We stand out for our high standard of cleaning and fast efficient service. Whether it's a delicate item that needs treating with care or a stubborn stain that's hard to remove, we have the solution.   

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Specialists In Hand Finished Dry Cleaning Services


As the Premier Eco Dry Cleaners in Middlesbrough, we appreciate that our customers expect a premium service and require the greatest of care to be taken with their garments, when they are dry cleaned.

We take great pride in the range of services offered and the professional standards that we maintain. Our customers highly rate the quality of our finish and return time after time. 

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White Duvet
Wedding dress
sheepskin jacket
Woman in Down Jacket

They know we are capable of cleaning and finishing extremely delicate and expensive high fashion garments such as Moncler, Boss or Canada Goose jackets, wedding or prom dresses, which require specialist dry-cleaning and individual attention to reach a perfect finish. We are one of the few dry cleaners who will clean these designer clothes and our garment finishing is second to none.


We process ALL items on site, unlike others who send suede, leather even bridal wear items away to be processed, this means we have complete control over all aspects of the process.

We often receive work from local dry cleaners that require help to rectify a problem or just simply want something a little bit special, to be cleaned and finished by us.

We offer a convenient collection & delivery service to & from your home or place of work. Our specialist cleaning service will return your garment in pristine condition.

Suede boots
Leather Jackets

We dry clean:

  • Jackets (including designer goose down jackets)

  • Trousers

  • Coats

  • Curtains

  • Duvets


Specialist Dry or Wet Cleaning

  • Wedding & Prom Dresses

  • Goose Down Jackets

  • Gore-tex Jackets

  • Designer Wear

  • Suede and Leather

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