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What is Wet Cleaning?

Updated: May 4, 2021

It is an environmentally friendly, professional cleaning service, that uses water as the solvent for non-toxic chemicals.

Surveys show that around 55% of consumers, want a dry cleaning service that doesn't use harmful chemicals, which the more traditional methods of dry cleaning use. It is recognised as the safest professional method of garment cleaning and does away with the use of harsh chemicals, which is good news for both workers and customers.

Even the most intricate garments can be cleaned safely
Delicate garments

If you've got a delicate garment that needs to be professionally cleaned, with our new Lagoon cleaning system even the most intricate garments can be cleaned safely.

Using wet cleaning technology is the most effective way to remove water-based stains and odours, leaving clothes clean and smelling gorgeous! It can clean leather, suede, sheepskin and other delicate products.

Wet Cleaning is delicate on the delicates and gives outstanding results on the most precious textiles labelled dry-clean only.

Wet cleaning symbol

If you've seen this symbol on your clothing and wondered what it meant, this is the Wet Cleaning symbol. Your garment should not be dry cleaned, as the chemicals involved are too harsh and may damage the fabric.

This method of cleaning is recommended for Boss jackets, because it is a gentle way of cleaning, garments last longer and look better for longer – increasing their longevity.

Here at Erimus Dry Cleaners we take our environmental responsibility seriously and use the Lagoon Wet Cleaning system, but we don't stop there, all of our vehicles run on gas (LPG) a much cleaner fuel than petrol or diesel.

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